Imvusa Projects specialises in providing expert maintenance and construction services for retail fuel, commercial and residential projects. We deliver cost-effective, specialised solutions executed to the highest standards to fulfil our customers’ objectives.

We examine project funding requirements and contract risks, manage the selection and procurement of the specialist services that are required, define responsibilities, procedures and authorities across the scope of the project, and define programme timelines to avoid down time before bringing together appropriate expertise and monitoring every aspect of a project to a timely completion.

Our services include:

Building /Construction

Various works defined by tender process or quotations for specific projects. This entails brick work erecting structures, foundations work, concrete work/slabs, paving, asphalt and road surfacing and or any building works/alterations and shop-fitting/finishing required ie: painting , ceilings, tiling, new installations, storm water drainage systems, roofing projects, repairs and waterproofing, security, proofing, and boundary walls/fences of all types, glazing and any specific scope defined in the bill of quantity.


Service level agreements focusing on the commercial, industrial and retail sector defining specific services required for operational purposes to the corporate sector ensuring their properties and buildings operate efficiently and safely at all times.
The Maintenance Department provides the following types of services which are reactive work and pro-active on all site:

  • Emergency Repair – Immediate response to potential building shut-down situations
  • Corrective – Repair & replacement of building and site components Preventative – Routine tasks to keep building and grounds systems functioning properly
  • Code Compliance – Testing, repair, & replacement to comply with regulations
  • Support/planned  – Provide consulting, troubleshooting support and repair for projects. Minor Improvement – small building & site enhancement projects.


Concentrating on all services from start to finish i.e.: Water leaks, drain unblocking, high pressure jetting, geyser repairs & replacements, repairs to all water lines and fire hydrant line installations, septic tanks/French drains, storm water installations, sewage lines, fire hydrant installations/repairs, and new main line water installations.


Canopy and building roof refurbishments and replacements, re-sheeting of structures, new gutters, down pipes and structural repairs and additions as per engineer’s requirements, jacking/propping of structures, new facia replacements and repairs, canopy tensioning and rigging, canopy removals, rust treatment, waterproofing, flashing enclosures and painting of structures.


Roadworks/earthworks and services.

Plant/Equipment Hire

Rental of machinery on long term or short term lease – wet and dry rates available.


Land clearing small to large earthworks clearing and levelling, tree felling, wood chipping and mulching available.
Demolition of building and steel structures.

Consulting Engineers

Professional consulting and design services with cost effective and innovative solutions of the highest standard.

  • Retaining Structures: Reinforced Concrete, Gabions and Dry Pack Blocks
  • Formwork, Falsework and Shoring
  • Concrete Design: Bridges, Culverts, Buildings, Residential etc
  • Structural Steel Design: Commercial and Residential
  • Pre-stressed Concrete Hollow Core and Rib/Block Slab Design
  • Structural Engineering Certification

CCTV – Pipe Line Camera inspections

Service offering the latest technology in CCTV camera equipment, video and pics for use of determining underground/above ground services i.e. storm water, sewer or any unreachable point to which one may need to do inspections to determine the current condition of services.
Our Mobile CCTV Equipment is highly portable and designed for ease of operation, is highly flexible and incredibly strong, allowing easy passage around bends, unlike many other push cameras available on the market today.

Specialised Glazing Solutions

Working in conjunction with Renè Turck & Associates we are able to offer leading edge technology coupled with high performance glazing products developed specifically to suit customer requirements.
Specialized Glass products are purpose made and the design team also offers its advice on design, material and application, ensuring that customers receives the best, most appropriate product that meets and exceeds industry standards for their specific application. Industrial/domestic glass walk ways, under water viewing windows with purpose made frames and installation with leading edge sealants used to ensure a water tight product which is hassle free year after year.